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However, her and everyone else’s psycho-passes had escalated greatly during situation, and the team waiting outside killed her and all the hostages, making everything she did pointless. Kitazawa is cornered by Akane’s group, uttering the name “Kamui” before he is eliminated by Aoyanagi, his last words leading Akane to realize that “WC? He immediately deduces she’s a girl who was close to her grandmother and that her parents opposed her joining the Public Safety Bureau. He made it look like his victims had been killed by a malfunctioning drone, whereas in reality, he had equipped the drones with a program to murder them. The second season aired in the Fall Anime season while the movie was released on January 9, In his job involving arresting criminals, Kogami becomes obsessed with murdering criminal mastermind Shogo Makishima responsible for the murder of one of his former allies to the point he starts doubting the status quo and starts ignoring orders from higher ups to avoid arresting the criminal alive. I will not say that’s he’s a better inspector than Akane for the reasons I posted above.

It has only been one episode. I will not say that’s he’s a better inspector than Akane for the reasons I posted above. As difficult as it is for me to admit this, Psycho Pass 2 was a complete utter disappointment and I am so unsatisfied as a Psycho Pass fan that this was allowed to taint the name of a phenomenal series. Looking over Masuzaki’s testimony, including how he killed people of influence and replaced them with impostors, Akane and the others deduce that all victim holos are Kamui’s personae, while the impostors used as replacements were illegal immigrants. Nobuchika Ginoza, who treats his Enforcer partners like dogs and is usually very harsh on Akane , strictly adheres to the laws of the Sibyl System. The Sibyl System keeps people in a state of permanent contentedness, lest they be branded as latent criminals. The story once again follows the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division, led by Inspector Akane Tsunemori , as they are caught up in another mysterious case.

Sugo and Ginoza manage to jury-rig a gatling gun of their own after Akane lures all the drones into one warehouse and use it to destroy most of the renegade drones. Meanwhile, as Jouji is sent to interrogate Masuda, he deduces from footage of his speeches that he is in fact a different person entirely. Upon locating Kitazawa’s hideout, Inspector Akane Tsunemori realizes that he is setting a trap for sexson and disobeys her orders to appearsnce and confront him. Akane in particular has a Jellyfish motif, which is emphasized by her personal avatar and jellyfish decorations in her room: Thanks for this bro.


While hesitating over what she should do, Kogami appears in Akane’s conscience, encouraging her to find mogami option that doesn’t involve killing. G officially confirmed that there will be a second season and a movie.

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Kougami is shown training shirtless every now and then. As Akane begins her investigation, her partner Mika Shimotsuki becomes distrusting of Akane’s actions, arresting a man named Kotoku Masuda who claims to know Kamui. Akane does this at the beginning of Episode 4 when talking to Talisman. At the last second, Akane tries to prevent what should have happened a long time ago from happening. But they are all dumb asses who always love to bother unnecessarily.

Ginoza never really believed Makishima existed as the evidence related to him was extremely sketchy at best, until Kougami finds the audio clip of his voice after the Ouryou Rikako case. Enforcers, latent criminals whose Psycho-Pass has exceeded the acceptable level but who are called on to assist ; and Inspectors, who supervise the Enforcers to make sure they follow procedure and don’t escape.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Meanwhile, Akane and the others learn of an official named Koichi Kuwashima, one of Kamui’s childhood friends who escaped the plane accident due to transferring schools shortly before the deadly crash, but suffering seasom survivor’s guilt as a result. As for Sybil, I think it acted completely in accordance with its principles of logic, which includes self-improvement and evolution.

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Cut back to Kasei! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Now let’s see Akane the main was perfect so I can’t complain. I wanna see a Kougami rampage and will back as an antagonist in the story We have only 11 episodes this time and if he shows up too early he’ll really overshadow the new figures.

Although the show starts off koyami dark, after Akane not being able to save her close friend Yuki, and watching Yuki get her throat slit is definitely a disturbing moment which helps not only enforce Anyone Can Diebut the tone of the show as a whole becomes even darker afterwards.


Though the person in charge of the cyborg limb company is a psycho.

The first guy died before we could even learn his name when he walks into a bomb that Kitazawa set up. With the ending to Psycho Pass koogami me obviously hyped for a season 2, though I did have my doubts. Look at it this way. The method of killing used by the man in Episode 3.

Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 10: Let Kogami slap some sense into you

Meanwhile, Shisui, pushed into a corner, attempts to set off the bombs but is stopped just in time by a long range Paralyzer shot. Yes, without a doubt, he’s one of the reason Akane is strong today, as he did took her under his wings.

In episode 11 of Psycho Pass one of the single greatest anime episodes EVER Makishima defies all logic and kills someone with a Crime Coefficient of 0 in front of Akane and she can’t do anything, after Kogami couldn’t get there just so many things going on and Makishima really is surprising.

The name of the last episode, “Perfect World”. By the end of the season, Shisui and Sugo are the only members left from the defunct division. She initially thinks he’s some sort of pervert, but he has in fact realized that what he needs to escape the dungeon they’re trapped in is in her clothing.

But her expectations fall flat on the face when Kasei reveals that she stumbles on something which she’s not supposed to know and Togane happens to be in the room, who happens to agent of Sibyl. They also store appearahce on what appear to be floppy disks — a device that was dropped after the first series. Seasob may be a collection of different minds, but they are each nevertheless one. Based off of this definition, Makishima is not an anarchist because of his love of causing violence.