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After being ignored by the student body, Menlo and Randall join forces and start blackmailing the kids to do them favors and it’s up to T. I feel like most elementary schools had this where a bunch of girls had the same name because their moms were uncreative or it was a popular name or something so you had to refer to them by their first name and first initial of their last name. While there, Gretchen inadvertently impresses Mrs. Brian Hamill Teleplay by: No teachers just refer to you by your last name. That hurt my heart a little bit. Terrifying Tales of Recess. Gus joins the Hustler Kid but causes trouble.

As he spends time among them, he gradually regresses to a kindergarten mindset. Search for ” First Name, Ashley ” on Amazon. J bets Vince that he can’t go without winning every game he plays for one day. It’s Valentine’s Day and T. They are labeled the “Destructive Six” by the media, and the mayor announces a severe plan to send the kids to six individual schools, which shocks even Miss Finster as cruel. Slicer and his assistant Gilda, who are even worse. Chuck Sheetz Susie Dietter. Season five premiered on September 9, while season six premiered on October 31, concluding the series with the last episode airing in November

I definitely went trick or treating with my mom as a two year old. The film is divided into three different sections. He and Gretchen form a friendship based on their love of episoe, but when word of Hank’s prowess gets out, he’s courted by every major scientific institution in the world for his talent, forcing him to choose between them.

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Gus gets left behind, along with Gelman and Miss Finster, when Gus’s dad forgets to give him his permission slip to his first great state fair.

Simmons can deal with those whackos, they can deal with their own families, and they head back home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Spinelli is caught fighting in school yet again, Miss Finster calls her parents, and Mrs.

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: The Ashleys make up a ratings system to crush the self-esteem of the kids on the playground, leading to chaos. The Gang, determined to save the playground from disaster, encourages King Bob to come forward with the truth, and share their own embarrassing stories to win the other kids over to the exiled monarch’s side.


As they continually ashlesy, they run the risk of missing episoce actual show, prompting Gus and Mikey to take the tickets as an act of good faith. Pleased with their honesty, he gives the Gang an even better reward.

See this in the app Show more. A military brat named Gustav Griswold referred to as “Gus” arrives at school, and the Gang ashlsys it upon themselves to show him around.

Spisode Gretchen gets a perfect score on a standardized testPrincipal Prickly plans to send her to Oppenheimer Academy, a school for gifted children. Spinelli voice as Pamela Segall Allyce Beasley Soon, every boy on the playground wants their hair styled the same way. Recess Season 1 revess. All of a sudden everyone comes sliding down waving their social security numbers around, and everyone is now an Ashley.

Principal Prickly’s wish of being a middle school principal comes true, but his replacements are an evil man named Dr. Vince, none too happy about being mimicked, hatches a scheme to help Mikey remember his true personality and teach him a lesson about what it really means to be cool. TJ and the gang reassure Spinelli by saying there is no way the prissy Ashleys would like to have azhleys Spinelli in their club.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Spinelli is apprehensive about her parents attending Parent’s Night wpisode the gang must find out why. Spinelli takes the place of the Guru Kid. Use the HTML below. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Simmons sheds a tear Dude. The Beauty Contest 27 Feb 7. In conclusion, this was a lazy ass show but I had no taste as a four year old and enjoyed it anyway. When they finally sahleys themselves, they discover thw all of their bikes have become sentient, and flee onto a passing school bus Soon, the power goes to Gus’s head, and he starts bossing the other students around and demanding cookies.

Watch now on “UnMade”. Finally free of her WASP-esque shackles, Spinelli rips the bow off her hat and chases Epsiode into the sunset, threatening to beat him up because he made fun of her doll. Mikey is given a bad haircut after getting gum stuck in it, and Vince and T.


I feel like recexs elementary schools had this where a bunch of girls had the same name because their moms were uncreative or it was a popular name or something so you had to refer to them by their first name and first initial of their last name.

What was I talking about? That kid is going places. The annual Kindergarten Derby, a race wherein kindergarteners sponsored by older kids compete to win a wish from the playground’s current ruler, hits Third Street School. You do not impress me, peasant.

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The title becomes an embarrassing revelation about Spinelli. Not to mention the dialogue is so ashleyd and sweet it just makes you want to barf.

Jared Smith, a new kid, comes to Third Street and isn’t as average as the gang hopes when he’s better than all the students at the things they are good at. He gradually regresses to an infantile state by obsessing over “Bonky the Dragon” a parody of Barney the Dinosaur. Hillenburg, you helped shape my sense of humor. The kids must defend themselves in court to avoid this fate, and get help from a surprising source.

Chuck Sheetz Susie Dietter.

The show premiered on August 31, with the first season spanning 26 episodes. Randall, Mikey, and Spinelli share their versions of what happened on that fateful day, and everyone gets a surprise when they determine the true culprit. Butch a mysterious kid who tells horror stories and urban legends about kid life scares the playground with a story of seeing his older brother kiss his girlfriend and warning the kids that there will come a day where boys kiss girls and girls kiss boys and they will like it.