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However, Saraswatichandra asks her to leave his room. Kumud takes the mobile phone from the tailor, but fails to make a call due to low balance. Danny informs Kabir that he will tell Saraswatichandra about the deal. Danny apologises to Kusum. Saraswatichandra wishes to be alone for sometime, and leaves the house. Ghuman praises Kabir for his plan against Saraswatichandra and Danny. Danny, Anushka and Kusum go in search of Kabir. Jugnu requests Sunanda to let Kumud go, but in vain.

Saraswatichandra suspects that Kumud might be in Sundarnagar. Sunanda asks Jugnu to pay Rs. Danny retrieves the video footage of the spy camera. He assumes that his family will get him married to Anushka, and lies to her that he is an alcoholic and a gambler. Everyone gets to see Saraswatichandra’s face except Kumud. Vidyachatur pairs Kumud and Saraswatichandra for kite flying competition.

Later, a security guard of the building asks Saraswatichandra for the NOC. Saraswatichandra discusses about his plan to catch the culprit, with Danny and Kabir. Kusum calls Kumud’s friends, to learn about her whereabouts. What should we add next?

Saraswatichandra overhears Kumud telling Kusum that he is a selfish person.

Danny apologises to Kusum

Episoxe feels guilty on visiting Laxminandan in the hospital. The Desai family tries to convince Kabir to get married, but in vain. Saraswatichandra learns that Pooja is Kumud’s lookalike, and is related to Prashant.


Sharma no air date — 25 mins. Kusum becomes furious at Danny on seeing a girl’s message in his phone.

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He becomes upset and leaves the house as Kumud does not believe him. Saraswatichandra panics on realising that the dead body has disappeared. Sunanda drops saraswatichanvra mobile phone in water. Kumud becomes scared as she fails to find Saraswatichandra. She tries to convince Kabir not to commit a crime. Kabir notices Ghuman following him, and catches her.

The Desai family becomes delighted on learning that Laxminandan has regained consciousness. However, Kumud throws the dress, ornaments and anklets.

The doctor informs her that Vidyachatur is fine. Ghuman challenges Kumud that she will separate Danny and Kusum. Kumud searches Kabir’s jeep for evidence, to clear Danny’s doubt about Saraswatichandra.

They decide to take revenge on Ghuman. Saraswatichandra and Kumud succeed in getting the duplicate photograph saraswatichadnra.

Saraswatichandra season 1 episode 283

He suggests the teachers sarraswatichandra bring the children back. Episode Jugnu pays Rs. Ghuman finds a file related to Vidyachatur. Menaka enquires Ghuman about Laxminandan’s health condition. After seeing their concern, Saraswatichandra recalls Ghuman’s ill-treatment of him when he was a kid.


Saraswatichandra informs Dugba about Ghuman’s secret. The stranger introduces Kumud to Sunanda. Kumud and Saraswatichandra spend the night in a hotel.

Kumud tries to comfort him. Kabir leaves a hint for Kumud and Saraswatichandra. Dugba becomes furious at Ghuman for her behaviour towards Kumud and Kusum.

The Desai family becomes worried for Kumud. Kumud panics asraswatichandra learning that the meeting has been postponed. Badii Devrani And TV. Ghuman tries to provoke Danny against Saraswatichandra, but in vain. Saraswatichandra saves Vidyachatur from a fire accident in his Saraswatichandra gets Sunanda’s address, and enters her house with the police.

Gunn asks Kumud to stop him. Hence, Danny gets released from the police custody. Jugnu takes Kumud, who is saraswatifhandra an unconscious state, along with him.

She taunts Dugba for failing to win Laxminandan’s love in the past. Saraswatichandra learns that Kumud had agreed to marry him by just seeing his eyes.

Dugba suggests Kabir to profess his love to Anushka. Kumud wishes to tend to his injury.