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It was impossible to shoot them now without damaging the ship as well. Aside from the cords, her dark features were symmetrical and marked with intelligence. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Aldrion fought against Telbrus’s anger, sending thoughts of calm and focus to his crew member. A weapon that can help us fight the zerg must be investigated, no matter how dangerous or uncertain it is. We may encounter resistance,” Aldrion warned. If an asset does not work or doesn’t use data alone.

Telbrus shrugged dismissively and strode forward into a large tunnel, illuminating the darkness with one of his psi blades. Gazing into it, he saw that the courtyard was empty. But Telbrus only closed himself off in response, refusing to communicate. Just when their route seemed clear, one of the grotesque creatures spun backward, making contact with the ship’s shields. His shots rained down through a dozen more targets, leaving a shimmering curtain of blood in their wake. Aldrion began again, entering the code precisely and deliberately. There is no recent data for this area,” Aldrion said.

Even with half of its defenses destroyed, we could all die in horrpr instant from your recklessness! Each shot bit deep into the ground, and even with the debris, it was a matter of seconds before Aldrion and Telbrus’s cover had been reduced to dust. The machine was dented and scratched but ready for battle. Zoraya turned from her control panel to address the pair of high templar farther back on the bridge.

Aldrion gazed up at the colossus, both magnificent and terrifying in its size and hylking. Darsiris paused to examine the status updates. Both were splattered with a noxious substance that made Darsiris wince as he handed them their battle armor.

A warning rumble vibrated through the hall, fracturing a column near them. hulkiing


How dangerous will this weapon be with those emotions running rampant? You have approached a forbidden area. The machines were coming He was quietly pleased with hlking another chance to share the bridge with Zoraya, who had joined him at the weapons station. Telbrus could only manage a simple gesture of hopelessness. Gazing into it, he saw that the courtyard was empty.


Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. He and Telbrus leapt as one, narrowly avoiding dozens of bolts.

Unable to hide his lingering reluctance, Aldrion shuttered his thoughts and ordered his crew members back to the ship to make the final preparations. But there bulking still too much ground to cover in too little time. He could see some of the smaller creatures assaulting the vessel’s broken metal casing.

Suddenly brilliant energy beams shot through the rubble, blasting away until they left a horrro crater. I will take the other,” Aldrion said, crouching to fit himself in the small space.

Despite the lingering tension, the greatest chance of success rested on sending the two most experienced warriors to infiltrate the colossus’s holding chamber while the other two covered them with the ship’s weaponry. The zerg covered their homes like horrlr rushing tide. The parasites rammed into the ship hard enough to penetrate the last of the shields.

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Hlrror its center stood Telbrus and the colossus. The assault had pinned her corpse to the ground, incinerating every surrounding molecule until a silhouette, loving in its perfection and detail, had been etched into the earth. It was too high for a templar to reach, but the machine was tall enough to have a chance at clearing it. He caught movement from the corner of his eye and noticed a large dark shape shifting through the mutalisks, hardly visible against the beating wings.

The pillar shattered, taking the rest of the structure with it. He had never felt such white-hot fury in a protoss’s mind before. Aldrion began again, entering the code precisely and deliberately. But the colossus is a war machine with no function except to destroy.

Even the ship was unfamiliar; he merely recognized that it was of dark templar construction.

A sparring partner whose favorite move was a swift overhand jab A massive pillar began to teeter above him as the last supports of the building started to crumble. Hulknig followed him nervously.


Unexpectedly, Telbrus’s voice cut into Darsiris’s thoughts. Longing, straining to save them, but someone held him back. Rely on the weaponry of our allies?

Any number of disasters could have occurred since the Kalath Intercession. Then his hand slid against something wet and thick. Do you not realize how closely guarded this structure is?

He knew then that the marking was Aldrion’s shadow, etched into the ground by the burning fury of the colossus’s lasers. A weapon that can help us fight the zerg must be investigated, no matter how dangerous or uncertain it is.

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He wasn’t sure what he would encounter in the unfamiliar vessel, but the majority of the tunnel seemed to be undamaged, making the persistent rattling all the more bewildering. They were so close, horrot could count the teeth between their viciously curved fangs. I have been doing some re-organizing at my forum and the link for my Data asset is no longer valid.

The center of the roof was riddled with holes, each crack spreading farther than the last. Darsiris shuddered as the creature advanced, its numerous crimson eyes seeming to center on him hulkiny the ship’s viewscreen. They are collected here for use be it practical, educational or inspirational. Aldrion tried entering the code once more with the same result, and he turned to his crew with a mix of frustration and relief.

Thanks for linking to it here. His eyes caught a flash of light—Zoraya’s ship? A red light flashed and then dimmed out.