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He tries to blackmail her by having James flirt with her husband, Daniel Douglas. By Anshu Shrivastava on March 31 8: Cyrus Beene Joshua Malina Retrieved March 14, The bomb goes off in the church, but not before Fitz evacuates the funeral with help from Jake. Rowan makes a threat to Olivia that Fitz won’t make it to his second term having him as an enemy and helps Leo Bergen.

At the announcement of the new VP, it is revealed that Mellie and Andrew used to be together. Liv questions the President about his role in the downed aircraft, but he refuses to confirm or deny his involvement, prompting Liv to work for Josie Marcus, which shocks Mellie and Cy. Meanwhile, a senator dies and Sally fights Fitz to give the eulogy at the funeral. In the present, Jake is only released because Olivia agrees to meet her father on Sundays again; and Huck confronts Olivia with her father being on B and asks whether he is “Command” its leader , which Olivia admits. Rowan, on the looking for Maya, gets captured by Fitz, and is taken to the Pentagon until Maya is free. Marcus, realizing her mistake, also tries to get Olivia back.

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‘Scandal’ Season 3 Episode 16 Recap: “The Fluffer”

Andrew Nichols Kate Burton Retrieved April 23, Sally fluffet Fitz that she is planning to run as an Independent against him. Mellie and Andrew kiss, but Mellie backs out of it and feels terrible. Jeff Perry Deleted Scenes Bloopers. Meanwhile, a senator dies and Sally fights Fitz to give the eulogy at stnopsis funeral.


At the White House, the presidential election campaign gets suspended for a few days by Olivia because of the murder of James. They force Olivia to look at the evidences. Olivia and Fitz are in a hotel room getting dressed after spending the night together. Meanwhile, at the White House, things are looking bad for the Grant reelection campaign. Retrieved October 4, Jake asks Olivia to take him with her, and she agrees.

Retrieved April 18, Guillermo Diaz continued playing the character Huck, the troubled tech guy who works for Olivia. Sally calls Cyrus to tell him that she just killed her husband, Daniel Douglas.

Cyrus enlists Charlie to kidnap Publius. He tells her that he is going after Rowan to figure out why he was ordered to shoot down the plane, and she tells him not to sell the house. Use the HTML below.

Meanwhile, Jake puts Quinn on a new job selling paper at B Olivia asks Fitz to help her. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: The second run, initially set to consist of 12 uninterrupted episodes, began on February 27, Views Read Edit View history.

Olivia figures it out – her mother tricked Rowan to think there was a bomb on the plane. As Liv eats dinner in a restaurant with Rowan, Mama Pope pops in to complete the family meal, bearing a warning to her daughter to find a different line of work.

Retrieved April 28, Cyrus tries to blackmail Sally by showing the pictures of Daniel and James, but to no avail.

Rowan forces Harrison to help him capture Maya, and Harrison figures out that Rowan was behind the deaths of Jerry and Adnan. Screen Actors Guild Award. Rowan becomes more involved with Olivia’s life, which begins to affect her, and leads Huck and Jake to investigate B Abby Whelan Katie Lowes Charlie gives Quinn an envelope containing information about Huck’s family, whom Huck later meets. They realize Rowan is tracking Maya, so they cut out her tracker and go to a motel.


Mellie asks for a paternity test to find out who Jerry’s father is.

‘Scandal’ Season 3 Episode 16 Recap: “The Fluffer” – Flavorwire

However, Andrew found her and saved her from dying. As a result of Quinn’s inadvertent murder, Huck tortures her and she leaves the firm.

By Anshu Shrivastava on March 31 8: They manage to force the government to secretly admit that he is a deep cover CIA operative sent to infiltrate Al-Qaeda and his death is a mistake, but his true identity cannot be revealed for national security reasons as 57 other agents are still undercover. Sally takes advantage of the situation by helping victims, which helps her reach the top of the polls.

Creative Arts Emmy Award.

Huck later takes interest after realizing Foster is a part of Remington and joins Jake. But before she could do it, the President personally appears on television to make that claim. In the upcoming episode 16, titled “The Fluffer,” things are all set to get ugly for Olivia.