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He also performed Yajna in which he entered the fire himself and dissolved his body in fire. The league of extraordinary gentlemen”. Shaktimaan Cartoon – Episode 3. Her powers were greatly diminished due to Shaktimaan defeating Kakodar. Khichdi TV Series For the film, see Shaktimaan film.

Because he returns with only the illusion, Kekda man is destroyed by his short tempered creator. Shaktimaan eventually turns him into stone and shatters him at one instance. Shaktimaan has super strength, the ability to fly, and is invulnerable to things that cause injuries on the body. Shaktimaan 12th January Video Watch Online pt2. Be the first one to comment. After a few weeks, he became a co-reporter working with Geeta.

The character Gangadhar is completely opposite to that of Shaktimaan in all aspects e. For the film, see Shaktimaan film.

Daily Bonus runs a special episode. Jackal along with Jonk Jonkaa.

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He has also helped Shaktimaan many times in defeating Tamraj Kilvish’s armies. The protective coating could be broken by Shri Satya only or his rebirth Shaktimaan which was impossible, but Tamraj Kilvish controlled Shaktimaan’s brain with the power of smashed divya mani and Shaktimaan broke the coating and allowed Pretolla to enter the earth as soon as he entered he turned half of the people of earth in ghosts as Tamraj Kilvish had only the half part of Shaktipunja Pap Punja.


Not much is shown regarding any psychic powers they possess.

During his training, he also conducted the ritual of death in order to get total control over his powers by entering the holy fire and immersing his physical body in it. Read All Comments Post a Comment.

Jackal an evil scientist and others.

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His first experiment was his own son, who he personally kills to create Electric Man. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal on the front page reflecting on Shaktimaan’s and hence Khanna’s positive influence on children. Check date values in: Please Upload shaktimaan episodes from t0 on YouTube. Edit Cast Series cast summary: As part of training, he trained with Kundalini Yoga to awake the 7 chakras of body and gain ‘supernatural’ powers from them.

Staying in the society as a common person helped him to get knowledge about crime. Shaktimaan 26th February Video Watch Online pt3. One such device is metal plate he wears around his neck that has the power to steal his opponent’s strength. All we get to see are Superman or Spidermanwho are alien concepts.

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She later realises that the cat was her sister, Shaliyaa. Unlike most of other assailants of Shaktimaan, he is very sharp and analytical. Shaktimaan 23rd January Video Watch Online pt1. Shakrimaan mukesh sir muzhe nahi pata Ke yeh internet par uplod kaon karta Hai par meri aap Se requast hai ki aap Chayn to yeh aur bhi parts uplod ho Sakte hai.


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Saktimaan ko bahut pasnd krta hu. To give someone infinite powers, to make their own, to make the unsuccessful success, to remove all types of rays, such as power rays, xray vision, becoming like God, attaining Brahmana. After capturing Shaktimaan, Dr. Now a person named madhurima16 is shatimaan the remainin episodes from taking the videos from his tv.

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Shaktimaan 7th January Video Watch Online pt2. Shaktimaan 7th January Video Watch Online pt3.