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Nothing overdone – simply perfect. Gun does stuff for her like she does for her mom–so it must be love. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. You can also spend 16 episodes giggling at how outdated everything was. Gidget August 1, at 9: But Mi Young did call Gun, and got the “phone not in service” message. The show is so completely adorable and fun, though, so it’ll still be great.

What were you doing, Manager Tak? I want to get those rambling, bragging, holiday letters from them very year. And then moved the conversation to the bed. She writes her first letter to Keddongie, recording how happy she was that she and Daddy meaning, Gun worked at the restaurant together today. Were your declarations and grand gestures of love just emotionally impulsive and superficial? Se-ra is displeased to see Mi-young hanging around Gun at the hospital after their talk. Oliveea August 7, at 8:

So to be sure they remember tonight, they make a pact to keep themselves clearheaded, unaware that Manager Tak and Yong have already bribed the bartender to drug their drinks. Although not as much as Chuno. I wanted my Happy Lkve any way possible and I am ecstatic I got it. It was a pain after about 3 weeks. Please plead with the hair stylist who is clear you gravely offended to forgive you and change your hairstyle.

Fated To Love You Favorite. I’ve watched sonopsis Kdramas that that will never happen! What difference would it have made? Totoro July 30, at I wonder though if Huntignton’s is there to stay?



And so is Gun, methinks, even with 91-0 hair. A rare sight in K-dramas where I see heroines 99-10 dragged around at will. Fated will be the reference point for me. In between here is oove really cute scene of Bao Bao visiting Xiang Hao in his jail-cell and he acts in a cute douche-baggy manner, asking her to thank him.

I love how the doctor calmly responds that while it is hard for a normal man to love a snail, desiring someone you like is totally natural and healthy. Se-ra chases after him, begging him not to go. She should get prenatal testing to see if Dog Poopie will inherit the same problem? Would you get it for me? But seriously he didn’t win that Daesang for nothing.

I hope they can match it in this version. I so didn’t want to comment on this ep.

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That scene with the lady who spoke in Japanese about changing schedules But oh well it was solved quickly here and even in TL it didn’t last that long so all is well Boxed-In September 6, at 5: Thanks August, I didn’t notice that detail. That was such a good episode and that’s all thanks to Jang Na Ra. Jang-Jang chemistry is really making me a “senseless-hopelessly-romantic-idiot” whenever I watch them together. Amazing that I can like both dramas, isn’t it? Well, at least if he has a genetic illness he can afford cutting edge gene therapy?


Which of course she won’t acknowledge.

Mom admits fahed found him weird at first, but Gun becomes far more lovable the more she got to know him. Haha cos I remember room having a black door when Geon and Miyoung were checking the sign and the that Geon entered also had the same black door. She sees Gun ogling over the ring on his finger.

In my perspective, three years was not wasted and it does make sense why she is the one to press play: SO, Bao Bao sets up a trap for the thief. I really don’t want to drop another drama after being so invested. If so, I can be sympathetic for her long absences. Squeal at all the cuteness.

And can we talk about that ‘eat your face’ scene??? I really really liked him in Chuno – thought he did an amazing job. Gun and Mi-young have a picnic with their twins, a boy and a girl, now toddlers. I’m positive there will be no amnesia plot twist, but Because I thought I at least had to do that so I could endure.

And what you said about the protagonists is also correct.