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The messenger beg for his life as he was just following orders. Se Jong mentioned it is now civil war as Seol Won Rang confirm. Mi Saeng said that he dare not bring the subject up to her yet. Deok Man asked them not to apologise as whenever anything pops up any great ideas in their mind, be free to let her know. The other is made from a bamboo stem. Profil Buat Lencana Anda.

Mi Shil leaves as Chil Sook greets her farewell. So Hwa asked Deok Man what are they supposed to do now. Kim Yu Shin has also made his escape with success. Mi Shil asked not to raise his voice too loudly. Kim Yu Shin asked what is she making reference to. Drama historical drama Starring: Do they think that if they do such action, this will makes Mi Shil fear Deok Man. Or is it that you have abandoned me, that you are so regretfully, so you want to say sorry?

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 50

Deok Man asked what then. Deok Man needs to keep hard Mi Shil added her arsenal. So Hwa asked Deok Man what are they supposed to do now. Kim Seo Hyeon announce his arrival. It seems quren we…. Wyol Ya tells to accept his apologies as his answer as Deok Man overcome by her worst fear Seok Bum reports on the incident as Mi Saeng is shock that they use a lure to trick them.

Chil Sook rush then finds Kim Yu Shin at the corridor. Do you wish to hear it? Wyol Ya said that whatever it takes, Kim Yu Shin must stay alive.

SINOPSIS Queen Seon Duk Episode 1 – 62 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Bi Dam is taken back that Deok man has reject her stratagem. The imported ideology of Buddhism was added to this around the fourth century, while Taoist thought became widely disseminated about the seventh century. Mi Shil enjoyed her refreshment cup of tea as Deok Man suggests an alliance. His soldier cheers in agreement. Deok Man asked why he relay the report to Daeya aueen. For People who want to view my website according to your language,please choose here: The other is made from a bamboo stem.


Seok Bum reminds them not to utter such sensitive political speculation during martial law as being dangerous. Mi Shil looks resign to her fate.

Deok Man said she has a premonition that something must have happened. Deok Man said that it is this reason for this why they has to force Mi Shil into parley.

The viewers who I respected, I realize that this website is far from perfect. Thank sseondeok for dropping by. The Tang emissary threaten that does she wish to see the Tang Army trample Gyerim to make her come to her sense. Tibetan Buddhists string prayer flags between trees and from poles on stupas, high mountain passes and other places.

Chil Eipsode said that someone is inside that he exhibit matchless adeptness with the sword. It is best that they are able to sieve out the personnel who are connected with Seol Wing Rang. Chil Sook said that it must be it. Princess Man Myeong said that it is nothing money can bribe as she bribe a Eunuch to give her a moment with them.

Deok Man asked her faction whether they concurs with the same thoughts. Deok Man asked how many soldier does Mi Shil have under her command. There founding is less than a decade old. Kim Seo Hyeon said they almost has them but however because episdoe the sudden appearance of Daeya Fortress Commander Oh Chan who came to intercept them.

This is a private that composed by myself along 8 years which begin since November Seol Won Rang said that according to Mi Shil, Deok Man came to the table with sincerity in mind that she will not kill them. Deok man can sense something amiss. Deok man confirms it as Bi Dam asked what is Deok Man going to do.

Deok Man confirms that she wants an alliance as the foundation to have a peace negotiation between the parties. Their use is connected with an old Japanese rule of etiquette quen presents to a superior should be delivered attached to a branch of a tree to mark the respectful aloofness of the giver from the receiver.


Bi Dam said that he wants to create Deok man to be that person. Mi Shil said that she has favour to ask of Seol Won Rang. Seok Bum confirms that they use a lure to make them think that it was Princess Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin said they have no alternative expect this method.

Rain falls in quantities conducive for agriculture, while the climate is relatively mild. Seol Won Rang said that this unconditional surrender that he now kneels before Deok Man. Deok Man acknowledge it. Mi Shil tells that Tang emissary is not qualify to discuss or to debate such matter with her.

Mi Shil has been informed that the crossbow consignment has arrive. Episode – – Sinetron terbaru Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala mula menemui penonton pada 21 April pukul Chil Sook tells that he will personally go in. Seok Bum asked then how will it be. Mi Shil affirms that she will need to. To Koreans, nature was both an eternal spiritual essence and a comforting maternal figure. Deok Man said that her mother So Hwa has present her a precious gift. In Kim Yu Shin present condition, it is out of the question to fight with him.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Then the Hwa Rang captain asking for Ho Jae views on what is going to be next. Deok Man reiterate that she has mentioned that she no longer can accept what is happening.