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However, he built it right next to the lava where all those blocks can be sparked and explode. Due to it being so high up, the town members keep falling off the island and to the ground though gliders make this more of an inconvenience than anything, and there is a pool of water below the edges of the island. You know how it goes with wind. Hoist by His Own Petard: Lewis serves as this for real-life science and in-game mods, although Sjin has a decent-ish understanding of both of these things anyway. They freak out and murder him instantly.

You ready to kill some spiders, pal? He tries to ride it, but it keeps throwing him off. The Minecraft Series is a catch-all description for the Yogscast content based around Minecraft. After people keep arguing about who should be mayor in Week 6, Sjin just declares that there’s no mayor this week and that people should split into teams. Never press a red button. Put lava down, of course!

The Red Matter incident was primarily triggered by the shortage of copper combined with Sips and Sjin wanting to mine in bulk rather by hand. Then they stole their wool and failed to find any more.

SipsCo with Sips and Sjin – Tekkit Series (Ep 76-102)

Sjin Hell Is That Noise: The duo agree on a series of gun turrets as a defence mechanism, should the less practical “mandrake trap” fail.

While no bears have actually appeared, Sjin starts a weird conversation in “Sprinkler City” about what would happen if a bear wandered into the Vatican and somehow became Pope.

A series in which various members of the Yogscast plus one or two friends elect a mayor every week, who then divides up tasks for everyone to work on. Upon descending to visit Sly Tony, Duncan who had been absent for the first visit points out that, given the group’s track record, having a jumping puzzle that passes over lava is a terrible idea.

Blown Across the Room: During one of his Skyblock episodes with Sjin, Duncan mentions that one of the first things he built in Minecraft after getting the game was an igloo with a fire in the middle to ‘break physics’. Hoist by His Own Petard: Another regarding Sjin’s name; episode 89 starts with everyone starting off as normal and then moving on to see Sips and Sjin in the other room only to find only Sips.


Xnd since been resolved, with Sjin finally covering up the large crevices off-camera. The red matter bomb used by Sips and Sjin to find copper in the Voltz special continually kills Teklit and Sjin, making access to their tools before they despawn impossible. During his guest role, Sips’ proposal for becoming mayor is that he builds a diamond-plated sex dungeon. The group happens upon an abandoned city of dwarves. This is then subverted twice, but in two different ways.

Happens a few times when people fall tekikt the island. Vanilla Minecraft update videos. Sips perpetually stealing Simon’s furniture, to the point that Simon’s house is left empty and eventually dismantled altogether.

Ridgedog manages to build a working fusion reactor with about a third of the materials usually needed.

The sequel series to Feed the World that takes place in the Yogscast Complete server, owing to the Heartbleed patch corrupting the previous farm. We need the episodw man well and rested!

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Do I get magical powers when I put the goggles on? The plan never comes to fruition. Then was the Skyhold, home to the Skylords and new location of the Carnivale. Smiffy disguises himself as a Creeper to troll the others. Surprisingly averted in Week 6, in which no mayor was elected and the group mostly managed to make a good amount of progress, in spite of them having no specific instructions.

Someone will usually turn up for the week to cover for the absentee in this case.

Near the end of the Minecraft Mini-Game: While in Madame Nubescu’s scrying chamber, you tejkit see one of the signs labeling the contents of the chests around the room says “Tomes of Nightmare, Prophecy and Tasty Cooking”.


Unfortunately Ejin doesn’t know how to get out of their base which is where the link book leads and is immediately killed when Simon realizes he has the fake deed and follows Sjin. You need to login to do this. First was Terrorvale, a small, out-of-the-way town with only three NPCs and a couple quests built on top of a vast cave system.

Sips remarks in episode 38 how he’s planning for a big Christmas party next year, and says it’s going to be a real shindig. Sjin, once again, spews out information at a surprising speed. They eventually plant a Tree of Transformation to slow its spread down and purify part of the affected area, which works but is only a stopgap measure.

Put the goggles on! Strippin pulls out a sword, hits him once and then warns him that the second blow will kill him.

Whoever gets voted as mayor delegates tasks to others and makes sure they’re going along smoothly. After the end of Solutions in Chaos, Strife returns to his content roots in the form of what is essentially a guide to Minecraft Yogspack, while also creating the Strife Solutions Business Sjni. Too Dumb to Live: It only stays up because Lewis and Simon to an extent thinks it looks cool and “works fine”.

If either of them happen to forget the crevice is there and decide to dig down in that area It just says deed, and now you’ve gone. The emergency exit for the “Mile High Club” room is fine for anyone who has gliders, but anyone without is guaranteed a fall to their death. Simon The Smart Guy: All of the so called “secret bases” get discovered surprisingly sip.

Bears Are Bad News: This is eased slightly after they plant a Tree of Transformation.