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Hezke chvilky bez zaruky — Pleasant moments, drama, , 90min. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Grandhotel — Grandhotel, comedy, , min. Indianske leto — Indian summer, , 65 min. Snezenky a machri — The snowdrops and the wise guys, comedy, , 82 min. Hori, ma panenko — annual firemans ball, comedy, , 71 min. Venkovsky ucitel — Country teacher, drama, , min.

Your email address will not be published. Vesnicko ma strediskova — home sweet home, , 98 min. Slunce seno a par facek — Sun hay and a slap, comedy, , min. Tajnosti — Little girl blue, drama, , 95 min. Vsichni dobri rodaci — drama, , min. Nejasna zprava o konci sveta — An ambiguous report about the end of the world, drama, , min.

Vsichni dobri rodaci — drama,min. Indianske leto — Indian summer,65 min. Kolyais the story of a middle-aged cellist leading the perfect bachelor life, until he finds himself the reluctant guardian of one of the cutest tiny boys in all of the Eastern Bloc.

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Vrat se do hrobu — Ready for the grave, comedy,96 min. Andel exit — Angel Exit, drama,min. Otesanek — Litle Otik, comedy,min. According to numerous Youtube videos, the film has the first depiction of a female orgasm in the history of cinema. Na samote u lesa skeitek A cottage by the wood, comedy,95 min.


Your email address will not be published. Jara Cimrman, lezici, spici — Jara Cimrman, recumbent, dormant, comedy,81 min. For a long, long list of Czech films, scroll to the end of the article. Slunce seno jahody — Sun hay strawberriescomedy,83 min. Hori, ma panenko — annual firemans ball, comedy,71 min.

Nor have I touched on any of the edgier avant-garde stuff which this country produces in abundance.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Noc na Karlstejne -A night at Karlstejn, musical,87 min. Musime si pomahat — Divided we fall, comedy,min. The following list of film trailers is by no means a comprehensive or complete overview of Czech film, but it should provide some kind of a starting point which will provide entertainment and intrigue wathc people with a wide spectrum of different tastes, while also giving some insight into the unique and sometimes curious aspects of Czech culture which those of us from the outside find usually endearing but sometimes perplexing.

Dovolena s andelem — Angel on vacation, comedy,76 min.

The King and the Goblin (1981)

inline But it seems like it would be a bit limited and somewhat boring if everything was only listed according to my own specific tastes. Pupendo — pupendo, comedy,min. Kytice — Wild Flowers, Drama. Babi leto — Autumn spring, drama,95 min.


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Kdyby tisic klarinetu — a thousand clarinets, musical,min. Duse jako kaviar — Dirty soul, drama,99min. Vsichni moji blizci — drama,91 min. Smradi — Brats, drama,93 min.

Marecku, podejte mi pero! Kvaska — Kvaska, comedy,min. Lemonade Joean hilarious Czech parody of good old-fashioned American Westerns. Pernikova vez — Coal Tower, tragedy,98 min.

Stesti — Something like happiness, comedy,min. Kour — Smoke, musical,89 min. Slunce seno a par facek — Sun hay and a slap, comedy,min. Balada pro banditu — Ballad for a bandit, musical,89 min. Slavnosti snezenek — Snowdrop festivities, comedy,83 min. Grandhotel — Onlind, comedy,min. Proti vsem — against all, historical,min.

Nebesti jezdci — Heaven riders, drama,92 min. Divoke vcely — Wild bees, drama,94 min.

Kladivo na carodejnice — witches hammer, thriller,min.