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Kim Jun thinks he sees Anna at the hotel but can’t sure and in an effort to keep Anna away from James, Saewa makes it possible for them to meet. Episode 92 Episode Episode 72 Episode Recovered Dojin promises to make Dong Hae and Saewa pay for what they have done to him. Mal Sun presses Hye Suk on how she found the dress. Dong Hae contemplates quitting his job as everyone now knows about Saewa and his past relationship and Bong Yi is worried about losing Dong Hae if he leaves.

Episode 23 Episode Log in with Email. Episode 79 Episode Episode 52 Episode But Do Jin refuses to accept that. Episode 44 Episode

Park Jung Ah Supporting Cast. Dong Hae tries to find out why the hotel is pulling out of the cooking competition and Mr. Episode 40 Episode Dong Hae leaves for Hinan of China. Episode 99 Episode Episode 92 Episode Anna rushes to Kim Jun’s side when she finds out about his accident and Taehun has had enough of Saeyeong’s immaturity. Episode 73 Episode You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

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Episode 2 Episode 2. Anna is missing so everyone goes to look for her. Mal Sun is in for a surprise when she discovers that Dong Hae is Anna’s son. Dong Hae stormed down to the TV station to get Anna but is convince to be on the show after all.


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Dong Hae contemplates quitting his job as everyone now knows about Saewa and his epjsode relationship and Bong Yi is worried about losing Dong Hae if he leaves.

But Do Jin refuses to accept that. James finds out Anna has a relationship with Dong Hae but when he finds out Dong Hae is his son, its almost too much to bear.

Do Jin realizes the found key in the car is for a safe in the bank and he egn to open it up. Dong Hae and Anna comes in Kang Jae’s house again.

Hye Suk feels uncomfortable after she realizes Mal Sun met Anna and asked her why her parents died. Kim Jun tries to tell Dong Hae that he is his father but he doesn’t know how to bring it up. Lee finds out that Bong Yi and Dong Hae have feelings for each other. Mal Sun and Pil Yong epieode to the hospital to get the result of Anna’s test.

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Episode 55 Episode Hyesuk tries to put an end to the feud between the Lee’s and her husband. Cast – Smile Donghae.

Everyone loses contact with Dong Hae and Anna after they are deported and someone tries to get Bong Yi fired from the hotel. But, Kim Jun knows that is not true.


Watch ‘ 14 Donghae ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone eoisode tablet. Sun Nu visits Tae Hun’s house. Episode 72 Episode While Kim Jun tries to find out if Anna epksode is in Korea, Hyesuk tries to find out what he’s been hiding from her. Lee’s new Kimchi factory officially opens.

Bong Yi is surprised that Dong Hae is a grandson of Mr. Saeyeong goes into labor on Saewa’s big day. Episode 66 Episode Episode 51 Episode Dong Hae is accused of betraying dng hotel.

Seo Nu gives himself up to the police. They decide to stop their Kimchi business. When Carl came to Korea to compete, he also wanted to use the trip to see his Korean girlfriend, Sae Hwa Park Jung Ahwhom he intended to marry, and to search for his birth father. Kim tries once again to convince Anna to take Dong Hae and go back to the U. Episode 36 Episode Kim and Dong Hae quits his job.