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There is one thing I recommend you try. That was a quick respond. Changing the Bit Rate to crazy high levels is exactly what is causing the problem. Interlaced video is only designed to be shown on TV screens. Can you send a link to one of them, so I can see what you mean? Derek, I want to thank you for all your work I learned a lot from your videos. Avoid Windows Media Video.

Don’t know what it is, but it’s like all of a sudden it can only render out in 15 fps. Hello angry I am the person who wrote this FAQ which contains 21 different things to try, none of which are stupid or idiotic. The easiest way to find missing. Can you help me? When i render videos why is it always 2 gigabytes? Not everything runs flawlessly after an Windows 10 update.

The first method I sutdio made a video moviw for already, where I show how to use the inbuilt “Make Movie” button that is located in the top toolbar of Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 and A solution to get around this problem is obviously to lower the Bit Rate you are Rendering to. Any Vegas programs released during or afterwill now be Magix versions and can be re-downloaded directly from your Magix Account.

Experiment with progressively lower bit rates until the image starts to fall apart. And – maybe because of my “bugs” here on my system – the quality of the rendering output is slightly poorer quality than what mvie import into the program, and that is a big disappointment to watch too. Here is a tip for you: If you are using custom settings for rendering, try rendering without any customization applied.


Quite often I see people do actually do regular saves, but they forget to first set the Output Folder Location correctly, so the project actually ends up being saved in a totally different folder to platjnum you expected.

There are always many different ways to skin a cat with Sony Vegas Pro This is just way too low for any Video Editing program to work with properly.

How do I render in h.264 in Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12

My guess is that it will work. If you are preparing video for a DVD, the above tutorial is the wrong tutorial to follow. Hitfilm Express 2 is not made by Sony – if this is what you meant? Movie Studio Zen is a movoe independent site and all our content is free. Treat any video made with this program as you would other videos. Start a brand new test project and import just one video. Even when it’s just like 4 minutes of film with p gear.

How do I render video in Vegas Movie Studio for DVD Architect Studio?

Settings for NTSC users. The folder address will be different for everyone, but normally looks something like either one of these: This is the first time I have ever heard of this program.

It contains fast moving holiday footage, a lot of pieces all together. If you’re working in an environment where files are scattered across multiple drives, try placing your media on your local disk drive. What do you mean by “one board”? But yes I got my settings set to HD within Facebook. The reason why only a part of your video is rendering, is because YOU have accidentally turned on “render a loop region only”.


You can help support this site by making a PayPal donation. Then you can compare for yourself. Also subscribe to this post. If you are working with high frame rate video like 50p or 60p, please read and watch this alternate tutorial. How to fix this and how to render in good and small quality.

Clicking on that will remove any unused media from your project and help to free up system resources. Hi Courtney All HD video is I’m using Vegas Movie Studio If you never did regular Save As’s while working on your project, that would explain why the project is gone. Support Movie Studio Zen.

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum – ძიების რეზულტატი – MYVIDEO

You are a guest Sign Up? I wanted to ask You about the “ReFrames” in the output file.

When it comes time rendwrn do the final render Make MovieMovie Studio will go back to using the original HD versions automatically. You DON’T need to use it anyway. Thanks for the write-up. Crashing with both the 0x exception and the ntdll error, I was screwin! Support Movie Studio Zen. Movie Studio Zen is a fully independent site and all our content is free.