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Soo reads her the rest of the letter, and even hands her his handkerchief when her emotions overcome her. Well done to the producers. I find this show really well-paced. Ah, ok that makes more sense. He eventually wears Soo down, and teases him about being unable to follow through on his threat to end their friendship: I hope it continues to delight.

We’ll see how Wind progresses, but feeling that while the script is very well written, the plot is old school. I don’t see the overacting. I am getting my squicky out for when he starts falling in love with her OK and she lets him NOT OK unless she learns who he really is before that hits OK or maybe she already knows. It was a pain to even watch the first 15 minutes. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I almost get sad when his scenes end and we go to another shot because as much as I eventually enjoy the other actors and scenes, I find myself totally yearning to see his smile once more.

I agree with you all.

That Winter, The Wind Blows Episode 3 English Subtitle ~ Drama Hip Hop

Not for him, anyway. You just wanna tell him it’ll be OK even though, it might not. And that he told him and Jin-sung could go to his father if things ever got tough to get help, skb friends of the group heir and all.

All the makjang elements are there. Also, things sad and shocking happen but people don’t spend their time crying. Aside from that, when this episode started, the visualization was beautiful and really made me ths as if winter was really here. Oh wow, didn’t even recognize him, heh.


I am not a fan of melo but it was hard to turn away from the main cast and the Padam and Worlds Within connection as they are both two of my favorites.


His eyes are as chilling as the winter scene.

About 6 years ago. Episode 4 by Regals. And believe me, there IS plenty to watch with so many good lookin’ heroes- yes! DayDreamer February 14, at 3: The blowa are wonderful and the actors are carrying the drama and theme very well Mee-Ra April 14, at 9: Interestingly, today it was a warm, bright sunny day but this drama made me feel a little chilly in the bones just from the scenery.

Like you I expected it to be dragged and the original’s plot to be stretched thin for 16 hrs; I hope it keeps its pace, but I don’t know how they’re going to manage to do that if they keep close to the movie.

It reads like a makjang, but it doesn’t present itself with too much overly acted scenes. Gooddrama is my main site now. It has your typical glaring makjang elements.

It’s rare that I watch ssub film that’s been turned into a drama. The human psychological laws are respected and you can always understand why one person does what she does, even if you don’t agree with her.

But after reading your recap Heads, I’m in. So far so good though. The drama is shot with a sense of feeling and mood that sets the tone for the actors and dialogue. It was a pain to even watch the first 15 minutes. The stab was meant to hurt. Leave it to my terrible math skills. We’re on the same wavelength I tell ya.

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Did anyone already mention that the mansion is Tak-ik’s home in Full House 2? Don’t not check it out. Thank you for the recap: I Love this movie DayDreamer February 15, at 5: Close-ups are a double-edged swords: I also think that! Rashell February 14, at 3: What I welcome is also the fact that one episide see the Padam Padam team working behind the cameras.


Kathy February 15, at 9: Actually I never liked Jo In-sung so much, but he fit well in this role…but there are two things I didn’t like. She was in World Within! His emotions here is rather controlled than the previous dramas I saw him in.

I just made that connection! I guess we should expect the greatest writer in Korea says Anthony to be able to create a actual good melo. Like So-ra said, Soo is released from prison. I, on the other hand, liked the movie.

Mystisith February 14, at 7: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet wjnter magna.

For someone who isn’t all that thrilled about melos, this one keeps me watchin, but it’s only the first few episodes so who knows where it’ll go from here. He wants to be able to stand on his own two feet first. He totally looked tormented as he realized he had a wnd to get back all that he’d lost, even if it meant pretending to be his dead friend.

I watched the Japanese version which so far the Kdrama version has followed pretty closelybut I loved how Jo In Sung made the character his own and a bloqs different then how it was portrayed in the Jdrama version.