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Fostering critical thinking and reasoning ability is beyond the scope of school curriculum. Actor Yoo A-in – Part 1″. November 14, at Dewey also provided his foresight of diversity and globalization connecting with a strong democracy. On the contrary, the film is anything but. Nevertheless, there is little change in schools and in the social studies class. Full Cast and Crew.

Way Back Home What Mouffe said regarding forming European Union 20 years ago still gives us a good thought for Korean society. First of all, social studies should be a subject where students can think about social changes and issues they face. Learn how your comment data is processed. The social issues of Korea in the movie such as multicultural family, problems of educational system, poverty, hardship of handicaps, illegal immigrants, and exploitation of foreign workers are the main issues Korean society should deal with and hence, social studies should cover in class. It is based on the bestselling novel Wandeuk by Kim Ryeo-ryeong , which has sold more than , copies since it was published in Opposite to Yoo Ah-in, Kim Yoon-seok proves again he is one of the most entertaining performers we have in South Korea. It revealed very critical issues of Korean society with a witty and touching dialogue, especially between Wandeuk and his teacher, Dongju.

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He differentiated between teaching in authoritarian states and in democratic states by indicating the crucial point of whether to indoctrinate fixed values or form of knowledge. The Democratic Conception in Education.

His global perspective was drawn in the industrial age but is still powerful in the digital age! And when Wandeuk first met his Filipino mother, his first reaction is to receive his mother in the house and cooks her instant noodles. Could their love win over the movi world around them?


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If people stress multicultural characteristics too much, they end up reinforcing the differences Hrushetska, Wandeuk-yi by Kim Ryeo-ryeong. Opposite to Yoo Ah-in, Kim Yoon-seok proves again he is one of the most entertaining performers we have in South Korea.

Besides all these happenings around them, the dynamic relationship between Wan-deuk and Dong-joo remains as the center of the movie, and the chemistry between Kim Yoon-seok and Yoo Ah-in is enjoyable to watch — they do not have tell us directly about the small changes inside their relationship while never stepping out of what they are.

Throughout the entire film, the narrative rejects wandeuli indulge in the wounded past or projects to a promising future. Lee Dong-joo Ah-in Yoo Multicultural Education and Asian Immigrant in Korea: On the contrary, the film is anything but. November 14, at Several teachers at my middle school saw that I was an oddball among students, and they cared about me a little bit more than other students.

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It was also invited to the Berlin International Film Festival ; it screened in Generation 14Plusa competition section of Berlinale devoted to films for teens. Wandeuko has nice scenes involved with his awkward reconnecting with his Filipino mother who comes back to his life, and he quietly conveys to us conflicted emotions inside his character.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I have a lot of both…. Current Status and Evolving Issues. Actor Yoo A-in wandeuk Part 1″. Search for ” Wan-deuk-i ” on Amazon.

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Educating citizens in a multicultural society: But for me, what defines their stature is their dynamic careers that changes together with the colonial and later the post-colonial condition of Hong Kong. Social studies teachers moviee help them to explore the concept of what Koreans are.

His mom came to Korea to get married to a Korean man whom she never saw before. Educating the Democratic Mind.

Lee spoke of how the warmth and honesty with which he tried to portray these characters and introduce their daily lives has resonated with viewers. If students in a diverse class fail to examine and establish agreement on multicultural issues, they hold their own bias from media and false attitudes and build interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts.

These constructed values play pivotal roles in building a community in a multicultural society. Students in social studies class can explore this perspective on the community to integrate multicultural groups in fyll and national levels.