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So I highly doubt he’s in any position to pick and choose. I didn’t really think you meant anything by it – that why it seemed shocking! To be honest, I didn’t like this episode much except for 2 moments: Episode 9 Full Episode S 1: Lee Dal Hyung Supporting Cast. Can she keep up the charade long enough to get the education she desires and keep her emotions at bay?

Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Yoo Ah In Main Cast. How can i have this feelings and not share it with you, first thanks for the recap another awesomeness!!!! Of course, through all this, Yong-ha looks on at the action in amusement. During the hockey game, my thoughts were that lee sun joon kept tackling the ball away from yoon shik delibrerately in order to prevent her from getting attacked by Insoo’s minions I’m sorry if I came across that way and I can totally see how it can appear insensitive.

Sung Hyun Joo Supporting Cast.

You make me giggle! Viola October 19, at 6: The gisaengs eatch in a fix—the Jalgeum Quartet are broken up—whoever shall they cheer for?

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I wasn’t taking a jab at gay relationships, but I was just commenting on how I enjoy the scenes so much, I myself have perverted thoughts Kim Min Seo Supporting Cast. Thank you for the recap!!

When she realizes that there is good money to be made, Yoon Hee begins to take the entrance exams in the place of other students who want to get into the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University. As Yoon Hee is now enjoying the glories of getting a higher education, she befriends the playboy Goo Yong Ha Song Joong Ki and the rebellious Moon Jae Shin Yoo Ah In and starts to develop feelings for Sun Joon — all the while trying to keep her true gender a secret from her new friends and the other male students.


Kim Ha Kyoon Supporting Cast. Ashley October 19, at 8: The scene between Yongha and Jaeshin is one of my favorite scenes of this drama. Political correctness over with, I loved this episode.

Kang Sung Pil Supporting Cast.

Episode 14

Much is at stake for Yoon Hee, whose very fate at Sungkyunkwan will be determined by the match’s outcome. Living like that… is that really living? You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Chae Byung Chan Supporting Cast. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. Wanted to point out that Mickey’s Engrrrrish is come by fairly, he used to live in Virginia.

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I do this for my own personal amusement and nothing else. Though if Sunjoon decides to engsjb his game, I might have to join the Smarty faction as well.

It’s always interesting to hear how different people interpret certain scenes. No, we shouldn’t throw Insoo any bones! I will buy bake my own cookie bribes! How about throw In Soo some eye drops since it’s getting so red from all the glaring.


Episode 2 Full Episode S 1: Kim Ha Kyoon Supporting Cast. Han Yun Supporting Cast. Oh, and Headmaster Choi and his hilarious screech!

csandal He will get the surprised of his life when he thinks he cornered the Red Messenger and viola. I want her to be a boy forever so she can sungkyjnkwan an official!

Can be a condition of “loser syndrome”. Episode 19 Full Episode S 1: Jun Tae Soo Supporting Cast. That emotional bromance scene just about killed me!! Kim Ik Tae Supporting Cast. Why would I be afraid? Ooh, I like angry Sun-joon! Can I ever give away the cookies my unnie made me?! Jung Hye Mi Supporting Cast. Jun Tae Soo Supporting Cast.

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You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! I mean, who is he trying to reveal the truth for? Loved your recap as always, Cassie.