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Only Amyas Godfrey and Andrea Byrne returned from the season and the latter for only one episode , although two other members of the cast Rekha Shah and James Tung returned for one or two episodes and Sidharth Sahay replaced his brother, cast member Vikram. A scene was redone when Christine’s soapbox was stolen so that a newscaster could use it. This is a list of episodes of You Can’t Do That on Television , a Canadian live-action kids variety sketch show that offers a subversive spin on specific topics as filtered through the lives of pre-teens and teenagers. It did seem kind of mystical as a child. These scenes usually centered around three locations i. Vanessa gets slimed with orange “paint” in the opening for messing with the superstition of walking under a ladder one of the few times a cast member gets it without saying the magic words.

Ross puts the kids through rigorous athletic training. Which has had some serious repercussions for me, because everyone thinks I’m a know-it-all. Well, I moved to a new school in 6th grade and there was definitely a parallel between the kids on. This was also the final season with Blip’s Arkaid, as home video game systems had begun to eclipse video arcades in popularity. I probably just assumed these kids all lived in my town. The minute version was shortened to show less of Angie, and the minute version cuts the scene altogether.

Aside from the delay in beginning the introductory segment it begins at 2: In latethe original 28 minute episodes were cut by 3 minutes when Nickelodeon started allowing outside advertising. I think most of the episodes were the most daring out of the series.

Moose introduces the viewers to some good, healthy foods and also explains the benefits of eating them, but she ends up wearing most of them instead.

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Another running gag introduced in this episode was that of Nick believing his name was Ted, ycdtltv stemmed from Nick’s accidentally reading Ted’s lines during a script read-through. Well, you’re not Canadian, for one thing. And I always wished my mom constantly wore rubber gloves. By the time Nickelodeon came into the picture, wanting to air the show, all the episodes from no longer existed, but all of the episodes did, so what happened was, Nickelodeon’s editors removed everything but jcdtotv comedy sketches and the “kids on the street” segments.


Doug and Vanessa had a real life love-hate relationship, and when Doug is slimed, he reaches over to pat Vanessa on the shoulder making sure to get some on her. Features Adam and Doug being watered and Vanessa getting slimed and with the new recipe, which she was non-too pleased about. You said you were 6 years old.

Ross whips the kids into a frenzy cleaning up the studio in anticipation of a visit by Mrs. The Worst of You Can’t Do That on Television was remade albeit shortened to a half hour with Chris Bickford, Jennifer Brackenbury, and Adotpion Tessier tcdtotv hosts, and released on video in time for the holiday season.

A famous Italian movie director visits the set to make a movie about the show, but the kids all fail their screen tests by getting slimed. Now it’s like, “Oh, they just got a ladder and a bucket. Kevin is slimed while outdoors, a sign that. A look at all the fears and worries that go along with growing up.

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Then he welcomes adoption. The episode called “Adoption” was banned from broadcast after being shown twice because of its distasteful jokes about ycdhotv adopted and a scene where a character named Lance Pervert says “Damn it!

The minute version was shortened to show adpotion of Ycstotv, and the minute version cuts the scene altogether. Ross believes Christian is an alien. First episode for Vicki Essex and Kevin Ward. This was one of the few topics to be featured twice during the run of the show. Features the “largest” sliming of the series when all five cast members are slimed at the same time after Christian says “We don’t know”. I was thinking that, too.

The gang looks at what’s fair and unfair in life for kids.

As we all rediscover the weekly episodes, I’m sure that we’ll find some that are truly outrageous. Like, holy crap, people are getting covered in gunk! It was released in the fall ofin time for the Christmas season. Little did they expect that the long-running joke of Lisa talking would continue until she left the show in When Lisa says the magic words, the whole bucket of slime is dumped on her left side of her head, promoting the idea that the right side of slimings had been lost in the divorce.


AfterNickelodeon started airing commercials, and so all episodes of “YCDTOTV” made before had to be cut by about 4 minutes for every airing after This episode has too much of everything – including slime and water.

When I was watching, I was older than you were, which I find interesting. Kids died of food poisoning.

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I think we just did an Opposite Segment. The first ten episodes were the last episodes to be shown in the 28 minute format. Eplsode scenes including slime, water and pie scenes were also reshot for the syndicated versions to remove local Ottawa or specifically Canadian references; the reshot scenes are often easy to spot because the kids often sported longer hair.

Ross’s nephew, Jeff, joins the cast.

Were you ever upset by the cast changes? One of the standard bits in this show is having epiosde of the cast members, who rotated over time, standing before an O.

I mean he would have to be, like, such a huge loser! This show was the height of coolness for a child of the ’80s. Roger liked him, and on the show he had Christine show the clip and ask if anyone knows who he was. And a lot of mashing food into each others’ faces.

Simone Lumsden is one of only two cast members to never appear on the link set; the other was Jordan Arron in Dissolve to get him and his sailor suit dirty.

Moose may have had left, too. But, the shows from the late ’70s and the early ’80s? Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references.