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Bonnie, the leader of a small splinter group of shapeshifting Zygons that intend to start a war with the humans they live among, has taken Clara ‘s form, keeping her body in a Zygon pod. When the lift returns, they discover Zygon control units within it, which take them to a series of tunnels under London which many other lifts across the city connect to. By the time the Doctor, Osgood, and Kate arrive, Bonnie has found that either box’s button reveals a second set of buttons labelled “Truth” and “Consequences” within both boxes. Nothing was awful, but the series felt like it had finally, completely run out of ideas. This is a reference to “The Day of the Doctor” when three of the Doctor’s past incarnations planned to use the Moment, a Time Lord doomsday device, to end the Time War. Bonnie calls off the splinter Zygon cell and says they will live peacefully.

Nothing was awful, but the series felt like it had finally, completely run out of ideas. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! In addition, fan favorite Osgood is somehow back from the dead, played once again by actress Ingrid Oliver. However, Walsh’s early bombing creates debris that knocks the Zygon out. Meanwhile, Bonnie has brought along Clara’s pod so as to gain access to the Black Archives. I might look in if I hear Missy is back. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only:

Wikiquote has quotations related to: And I kept on being underwhelmed. But it is no longer a wonderful show.

She fires the missile at the plane, and smiles when an explosion is heard. Peter Venkman come to a crossroads in ‘Lego Dimensions’ trailer.

At his flat, his parents insist all is well and take the struggling boy back in, amid other noises in the flat. Little Boy’s mum Todd Kramer Retrieved 2 November The Doctor finds Osgood safe under the chapel, but they are cornered by a Zygon when they try to leave. Companion Jenna Coleman Clara Syopsis.

Events from the Fourth Doctor serial Terror of the Zygons are brought up in the episode. The Doctor claims that he himself planned to use a box with a button to commit mass murder.


Neither Osgood admits to which of them is human or Zygon, or if they’re both Invasiln, but both agree to help protect the Osgood Box as instructed. I always liked Clara, and I like inbasion new Doctor as much as I liked the last one in both cases, not zhgon as much as the first two.

Walsh gives the Doctor a few minutes before she will start the bombing run. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

TV versus audio — multi-Master stories Gallifrey overview: He instructs Clara and Jac to keep the homeland safe. Doctor Who is not a terrible show.

Inside, Bonnie is furious to discover that there are two identical Osgood Boxes, only differing by colour. Meanwhile, Bonnie has brought along Clara’s pod so as to gain access to the Black Archives. View all Star Wars Sites.

Kate reveals that she knows of Z67, a nerve gas that UNIT had developed that would only affect Zygons but that the Doctor had taken away which could end this current situation, synoppsis he refuses to let them have it. Best of the 12th Doctor. Clara finds herself in a dream-based version of her flat, able to control Bonnie’s actions to a small degree due to a telepathic connection between them.

She goes to the coast and contacts the Doctor, informing him of the deaths of his friends. Doctor Peter Capaldi Twelfth Doctor. The episode was watched by 3. The Doctor video calls Bonnie and from winks she exhibits, recognises that Clara is able to give him small clues through Bonnie as to her pod’s location. He stated “This Doctor has never been written better, Capaldi has never channelled Tom Baker more, that sequence is zygpn instantly as the ‘Capaldi moment’ in clip shows for the rest of time”, and while he said that “It was a risky game to attempt the sort of contemporary allegory” that the episode did, he soon confirmed that the episode “knocked [it] out of the park”.

In Turmezistan, the Doctor speaks to UNIT Synposis Walsh, who explains how the Zygons have been able to take on the appearance of her soldiers’ loved ones to prevent any attack on the village. Series 2 ” The Girl in the Fireplace “. Kate points out that since they know this, this could cause the peace treaty invawion still break apart, but the Doctor tells them they’ve been in this situation fifteen times dynopsis, each time ending with the Doctor wiping their synopsia, and he initiates a new wipe using the Black Archives memory wipers to achieve this again.


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Tim Martin of The Daily Telegraph awarded the episode four stars out of five, particularly praising Osgood’s characterisation as “Earnest, resourceful and an unabashed superfan”. View all GoT Sites. During the Russell Davies years, and even during the early Moffat era, nivasion was no show I was more excited to watch each week than Doctor Who.

There’s no other way to put it.

Doctor Who Preview/Synopsis: ‘The Zygon Invasion’

You operate it by titivating the fronds. The Zygon Invasion 31 Oct The regulator concluded that “the science fiction nature of Doctor Who and the storyline created a sufficient distinction from recent events”. It was my top show.

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The Zygon Inversion

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Bonnie is asked by the Doctor about the “brave new world” her revolution will create, citing William Shakespeare ‘s play The Tempest: The Zygon, synopsjs herself Bonnie, states that the invasion has already occurred, with many of the humans in London already captured and replaced by Zygons.

Peter Harness Steven Moffat. Clara is able to thwart Bonnie’s first attempt to shoot synopzis the Doctor’s plane. They soon land on a beach.

Doctor Who Preview/Synopsis: ‘The Zygon Invasion’

View all Entertainment Weekly Sites. She kills their Zygon guards, and the Doctor expresses his frustration at her synopsus methods. Doctor Peter Capaldi Twelfth Doctor.

It’s not the actors. I might look in if I hear Missy is back.